Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Solar Energy

Solar energy is a renewable energy source which has the advantage of being unlimited and clean.

Today, there are two ways to harness solar energy: the first exploits the thermal effect of the solar radiation and usually involves heating water or air through solar radiation, captured by special panels.

Obtained hot water or air can be used in a lot's of domestic applications such as heating, hot water production or for agricultural uses example greenhouses and sheds heating, drying of fodder and also in industrial uses.
This technology is now widespread as it is easy and cost effective.

On the second hand we can harness the electromagnetic effect of the solar radiation to convert, by appropriate devices, solar radiation energy into electrical energy (photovoltaic conversion).

The photovoltaic conversion exploits the ability of some elements such as silicon to directly convert solar radiation into electricity. Effects on environment are positive because there's no smoke production and water pollution during energy production.


"Turnkey" Solution

  • Feasibility Study and Design
  • Preparation of practices
  • Installation, monitoring and maintenance
  • Possible support in funding


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