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Biomass is defined as organic substances derived directly or indirectly from photosynthesis. Most of biomasses has plant origin, only about 10% has animal origin.
The plant biomass is produced using solar energy through photosynthesis and comes in several forms: forest, woodland, crops or organic component from the urban waste collection.

There are two different processes to produce biomass energy: the process of biochemical conversion process and the thermochemical conversion.
The first one is obtaining energy by a chemical reaction due to enzymes that are formed in particular environmental circumstances, such as fungus and microorganisms.

The second one is based on chemical reactions due to heat, necessary for the transformation of matter into energy.

Use of biomass in some European countries:
In France it is mainly produced biodiesel, obtained from plants oil, it's growing thanks to numerous and large agricultural areas in this country.
In Italy the use of this energy is not widespread, thus it is hard to reach 2% of the energy needs.
In England production is limited, as judged uneconomical.
In Austria biomass energy is widespread, thanks to the great tradition in firewood production. It covers a considerable percentage very close to 10% of produced energy.


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